Revisiting Phantasy Star II Part 2: Darum

Revisiting Phantasy Star II: Part I There are three moments that, to me, define the story of Phantasy Star II. The first of which is Darum. When you first begin PSII, residents of the starting town, Paseo, present an idyllic view of the state of the world. Protected by a supercomputer known as Mother BrainContinue reading “Revisiting Phantasy Star II Part 2: Darum”

Revisiting Phantasy Star II Part 1: Overview and My Favorite Way to Play

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Phantasy Star II’s initial English release. The game was released in March 1989 in Japan, March 1990 in North America (two months before the first Final Fantasy hit the NES), and November 1990 in Europe. I wanted to replay the game to celebrate, especially after finishing the originalContinue reading “Revisiting Phantasy Star II Part 1: Overview and My Favorite Way to Play”

ファンタシースター公式設定資料集 復刻版

This is my absolute favorite book on the Phantasy Star series. Released only in Japan (obvs), the book is solely focused on the original quadrilogy of games. As soon as you open the book, there is a fantastic fold out “poster” featuring fan favorite characters. The features start pretty conventional, with an overview of eachContinue reading “ファンタシースター公式設定資料集 復刻版”

SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Collected Works

SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works, written by Keith Stuart and designed/edited by Darren Wallis, is a book from Read-Only Memory chronicling the hardware, games, and stories from the console’s heyday. It’s not a “comprehensive” guide of every game, but rather a “behind the scenes” guide. I’ve been slowly devouring it over the course of theContinue reading “SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Collected Works”