SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Collected Works

SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works, written by Keith Stuart and designed/edited by Darren Wallis, is a book from Read-Only Memory chronicling the hardware, games, and stories from the console’s heyday. It’s not a “comprehensive” guide of every game, but rather a “behind the scenes” guide. I’ve been slowly devouring it over the course of the past few weeks, and it’s incredible.

Within its pages there is plenty of Phantasy Star content. From high quality versions of official art to sprites from the games, there are all sorts of visual treats for fans.

The highlights however, are the interviews. This section features instrumental SEGA hardware and game designers from the Mega Drive era. Most exciting to Phantasy Star fans are the interviews with Yuji Naka (Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star Online), Naoto Ohshima (Phantasy Star I & II), with the highlight being Tohru Yoshida.

Yoshida was the visual designer for Phantasy Star II, and the director of Phantasy Star IV. In the interview he discusses working on both games, but the coolest bit for me was when he was asked about Phantasy Star II’s ending:

I agree.

Order the book here.


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