Sympathy 2013 Concert CD / DVD

This is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: a recording of a 2013 concert that celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Phantasy Star series. There are two CDs, encompassing the entirety of the concert. As you can see from the track listing, the songs definitely skew towards the multiplayer-focused games in theContinue reading “Sympathy 2013 Concert CD / DVD”

ファンタシースター公式設定資料集 復刻版

This is my absolute favorite book on the Phantasy Star series. Released only in Japan (obvs), the book is solely focused on the original quadrilogy of games. As soon as you open the book, there is a fantastic fold out “poster” featuring fan favorite characters. The features start pretty conventional, with an overview of eachContinue reading “ファンタシースター公式設定資料集 復刻版”

Phantasy Star IV in the Mega Drive Mini Perfect Book

At the launch of the Mega Drive Mini in Japan, Famitsu released a special magazine covering the console and the games. In addition to an interview with Hideki Kamiya, the magazine also contains the greatest SEGA Tower of Power I’ve ever seen. There are also four pages devoted to the premiere RPG on the miniContinue reading “Phantasy Star IV in the Mega Drive Mini Perfect Book”

Phantasy Star Online 2 – Impressions After 40 Hours

I’m 20 hours deeper into PSO 2 since my last post and hoo boy have I learned a lot. My teacher was failure, which I recommend. If I could share one “if I would have known then what I do now,” it would be: do the sub class quest as soon as you get itContinue reading “Phantasy Star Online 2 – Impressions After 40 Hours”

25th Anniversary Phantasy Star Visual Chronicles

I picked this book up on my honeymoon in Japan in 2014, so it’s weirdly special in that sense. The book was originally released in 2013, and covers every game in the series, with a focus on the (then recent) PSO 2. There is art and information about each pre-PSO 2 game. A few interviewsContinue reading “25th Anniversary Phantasy Star Visual Chronicles”