Phantasy Star Online 2 – Impressions After 60 Hours

Previous impressions: 20 hours, 40 hours.

60 hours in, it’s pretty safe that, despite some quirks, I love this game.

I finished up Episode I in the story. Though told strangely (seemingly random cutscenes selected from a menu), there ended up being some surprising (and tragic) moments. I’m definitely much more invested in the world and characters now than I was 20 hours of playtime ago.

In regards to investment, I also spent some money in the game this week. I bought the Ragol Fashion Pack, which gives you tokens you can exchange for posters, outfits, and music from the original PSO. I ended up purchasing an outfit, a few music tracks for the jukebox, and posters for my room.

The pack also included some scratch tickets (where you can win boosters, furniture, and fashion items for the salon), an item that allows you to earn additional awards from the seasonal mission pass, and a 30 day “premium” pass. The premium subscription is pretty nifty, giving an additional boost to money and exp earning (which stacks with your item buffs). Premium also gives you additional storage and client quest space, and the option to buy more effective drinks before quests (that add even more boosts).

It is totally possible to play PSO 2 for free. However, I’m getting a lot of enjoyment from the game so I’m happy to support it. I may not always be a “premium” player, but while I’m stuck at home with more time to play right now, I’m definitely getting my money’s worth from those boosts.


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