PSO2 is Now on Steam!

Phantasy Star Online 2 received a huge update yesterday, which included the summer event, Mission Pass Season 6, and new story and gameplay content in Episode 4, but the biggest news was the launch of the game on a new PC platform: Steam.

I had moved from playing on console to the Windows 10 version, which I had made my peace with, but I love Steam as a platform, so I was excited for the game to release there. I downloaded the game as soon as it launched and jumped through the weirdly stressful account linking hoops.

My impressions of the Steam version are wholly positive. I’m not sure if it was was an issue with the Win10 version launcher (which may have been corrected now), but previously I was unable to run the game at resolutions above 1080p. On Steam, I was immediately able to launch PSO2 at 4K.

In game, my framerate, with all visual settings maxed out, stayed in the 150 fps range.

I ran a mission in the “new” Vegas stage and performance stayed consistent the whole time. I gotta say though; I don’t *love* this stage and these enemies. I appreciate the weirdness, but this type of American kitsch doesn’t really fit with the vibe and aesthetic of the game.

The mech ships are cool though.


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