PSO2 Impressions: The Win10 Version is Getting Better

I recently hit the 100 hour mark in PSO2, but when I did, I wasn’t on Xbox, but PC. The issues with the PC version of the game have been extensive and well-documented, so I won’t go into too much detail. But basically, I couldn’t get the game to run on my (relatively decent and modern) PC for weeks, and then I randomly did a reinstall a few days ago and it was reasonably fine.

The game doesn’t offer native 4K support on PC, so it doesn’t look quite as good as it does on Xbox One X. However, it “feels” like it runs a bit smoother on PC. There’s no native fps counter in PSO2, but it’s a game I’ve played so much that I noticed it seems to stay at 60fps more consistently on PC than Xbox. I can’t really make a bold declaration of which platform is “best” to play the game on, but I think I’m leaning a bit more towards PC, just because it’s nice to have a keyboard and mouse for navigating and chatting right in front of me (even though I’m still primarily using an Xbox One controller). Play Anywhere makes it easy enough to hop back and forth between platforms, so I’ll probably continue to do just that.


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