Phantasy Star Online 2 – Impressions After 80 Hours

Previous impressions: 20 hours40 hours, 60 hours.

Wow I sure have played this game a lot.

A few significant things happened in my last 20 or so hours of playing.

One, I started an alliance (PSO2’s version of guilds). It’s called Esaka (it’s an Osaka / SNK thing) and as of right now, I’m the only member.

It’s a very elite club.

Maybe when the game releases on more platforms some of my friends will join?? I mean, we have a bar!

The main reason I started Esaka was for an achievement. I’m not really an achievement / trophy guy (which is good, because I kinda suck at video games tbh), but this game is bringing out the completionist in me.

None of the achievements are really “hard,” they just involve a lot of playing (and sub class swapping). There is one absolutely ridiculous achievement though: darts.

In order to get this one, you have to first buy (or visit someone with) a dart board. Then you have to score a triple 20 on a throw. The only problem is that this is totally random; you don’t have any control over your throws. That means every throw has a 1-in-61 chance (I think?) of being a 60. So this achievement could take 1 minute or 5 hours depending on your luck. It took me about an hour, which was made tolerable by the edible I had eaten prior to starting and changing tunes in my in-game room to listen to music from previous Phantasy Star games. This achievement is probably going to annoy a lot of people, but I had fun embracing its ridiculousness.

Honestly though, the most exciting thing to happen in-game recently was seeing someone who had created Rolf from Phantasy Star II.

Now that’s the type of person I want to see in Esaka’s bar.


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