Oh so *that’s* what PSO2 New Genesis is

When New Genesis was revealed yesterday, PSO2 players had *a lot* of questions. Today, SEGA provided a lot of answers. First, watch the video. It’s about three minutes long and sums up PSO2NGS pretty well. Here’s the text: We want to express our heartfelt appreciation for every single player who has taken up arms withContinue reading “Oh so *that’s* what PSO2 New Genesis is”

Anamana Breaks Down the PSO2 New Genesis trailer

As I’ve mentioned before, if you play (or want to play) PSO 2, you should check out Anamana’s videos. Here he breaks down some of the systems and mechanics of today’s wild and mysterious surprise. Looking forward to more from him on PSO2NGS in the weeks and months to come!

Everything We Know About Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (so far)

Update 1: more info from Takuro Yoshihara over at the official Xbox news site, Xbox Wire. Update 2: even more info and clarity from the official site. Well this was a surprise! Announced during today’s Microsoft Xbox Game Showcase, New Genesis is what’s next for the PSO series. But the reveal trailer (and title), maybeContinue reading “Everything We Know About Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (so far)”