James Mielke Talks to Yuji Naka About Phantasy Star Online’s 20th Anniversary

Over at Polygon, James Mielke talks to Yuji Naka about the development and legacy of PSO. The interview is a must-read, and the best part? It’s the first of six restrospective articles about the game!

If you’re not familiar with James, he was of the biggest advocates of PSO in the Western gaming press when it launched. I remember reading his (controversial) review of the original game in EGM, and then his glowing review of Episode I & II on GameCube a few years later. James appeared on The Greatest Retronauts Episode Ever to talk Phantasy Star in 2008, and then joined SegaBits’ podcast in 2014 specifically to discuss PSO. I couldn’t imagine anyone better than James for this task, and I can’t wait for the next article!


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