Phantasy Star Online 2 Fashion Catalog 2017 – 2018

This 418-page monster is a very distinctly Japanese item. It’s a visual guide to fashion in PSO2. Specifically, customization options made available in 2017-2018.

The book covers original outfits and accessories in great detail, including photographs from multiple angles for each.

This is really fun to flip through to see so many outfits I’ve never come across in-game.

Where the book got most interesting for me was the collaboration section. If you’ve followed persistent Japanese online games like Monster Hunter or Final Fantasy XIV in any capacity, you know that crossovers are frequent, cool, and oftentimes bizarre.

PSO2’s collaborations are no different. We go from the OG Phantasy Star games…

…to Persona…

…to Dead Or Alive…

…to Breath of the Wild!

I’m so curious if / when we’ll get these collaboration outfits in the West. Persona is primarily a PlayStation series and Zelda is obviously Nintendo. With PSO2 currently limited to Microsoft platforms (Xbox and Windows 10), it doesn’t feel likely anytime soon. But stranger things have happened in this industry, so we’ll see!

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