To the Player Who Posted a Transphobic Meme on Ship 01 Last Night

Hey. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. What I do know is that we were running an Urgent Quest last night and you posted some pretty hurtful stuff. I’ll admit, when I first saw you, I noticed your character name was a reference to the current president of the United States. I don’t like that dude very much, so congratulations, you got a reaction out of me.

I just rolled with it, whatever. A PSO2 Urgent Quest isn’t the place for deep political discussions or to unpack why exactly you thought it was cool to alienate many of the players you were supposed to be cooperating with.

We started the quest and you began spamming memes of “The Donald.” Not super helpful in defeating the boss- just saying. Still I rolled with it. In ten minutes we’d either succeed or fail at this Urgent Quest and likely never see each other again. Then, mid-combat, you posted an image that I simply could not abide. A crudely drawn bear, with this message:

“MAGA bear says trans lives don’t matter.”

I cannot imagine how hurtful that would feel to a trans player, to be told that their existence did not matter, via a flippant button press.

After we finished the quest, I reported you, in-game and your Xbox Live Gamertag. How could I not? You brought prejudice and hate into our community. A community that should be welcoming to all.

Maybe you were just doing it “for the lulz.” Maybe it was for a reaction (again, congratulations, you got your very own blog post from me). Maybe you’re streaming all this, or posting it on a forum somewhere, trying to build your online “brand.” Maybe you just feel invisible and want to be noticed. Or maybe you just don’t know enough about the challenges trans people face and thought your contrarian amalgamation of politics was just some harmless edgy fun.

I’m not going to lecture you with statistics around trans suicide rates or discrimination. You have Google, do the work. I am going to recommend a book though. I certainly didn’t really understand much about the trans experience until I read the book Tranny, by Laura Jane Grace and Dan Ozzi. It’s not some self-righteous, high-brow tale. It’s punk, anti-establishment, and abrasive. I think you would get a lot out of it.

So why did I take all this time to write up a post that you will likely never see or read? Because I have hope. Hope that maybe you’ll see this. Hope that you’ll reflect and grow. The Urgent Quest we ran last night was lvl 80- end game content as far as the NA release is concerned. You obviously care at least a little bit about this game that I also love. You were looking for a reaction, but I want to offer that connection. I hope you can reflect, find peace, and return to the game a kinder person.

Take care.

Be better.

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